The Pastoral System

The Pastoral System

At Da Vinci Academy, we aim to nurture the students in our care and help them achieve their full potential. To facilitate this, our pastoral team (Achievement Team) consists of an Achievement Leader for each year group and an Assistant Achievement Leader for the following year groups:

  • Year 7
  • Year 8 and 9
  • Year 10 and 11

In addition to the student’s tutor, the team work tirelessly to support the learning and ultimate progress of every student.

Every student is also placed in one of four houses:

  • Abbey
  • Breadsall
  • Darley
  • Hastings

Assemblies take place on a weekly basis and students take part in numerous activities where they can achieve A-points for their house. Healthy competition, leadership skills and team building skills are nurtured throughout the house system. Each house also takes part in regular competitions and, at the end of the academy year, one house is crowned overall winner.

The tutor programme aims to develop a culture of kindness through our character sessions and clear post 16 pathways are development through our culture (CEIAG) programme. Students develop key knowledge and understanding with their tutor surrounding news events, organisation and responsibility through our 3 R’s Ready, Respectful and Responsible.

Overview of staff and roles within the team:

Deputy Headteacher (Achievement and Behaviour): Miss Gemma Tyers

Achievement Leaders

Achievement leader Year 11: Ms Charlotte Reay

Achievement Leader Year 10: Miss Kim Bradshaw

Assistant Achievement Leader Year 10 & 11: Mr Anthony Needham

Achievement Leader Year 9: Mr Liam Seeds

Achievement Leader Year 8: Mr Callum Thompson

Assistant Achievement Leader Year 9 & 8: Miss Hannah Wilmot

Achievement Leader Year 7: Miss Abbie Quinn

Assistant Achievement Leader Year 7: Mr Niall Mather

Success Centre Leader: Mr Steve Mellors

Year 7 and 8 Success: Ms Laura Hinman

Year 9 Success: Ms Claire Meakin

Year 10 and 11 Success: Mr Adrian Roberts

Primary Liaison/Transition: Miss Abbie Quinn

Key Roles

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Keir Mather

Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Mentor: Karen Thompson

Assistant Headteacher SENCO: Mrs Sophie Mckenzie

Assistant SENCO: Mrs Sylvia Britton

Attendance Officer: Mrs Cat Wragg/ Miss Olivia Kittridge

First Aid: Reception