Student Leadership at Da Vinci Academy

Student Leadership for 2021-22

Overview and Opportunities:  

The development of Student Leadership will be closely aligned with the House System as outlined above. Key opportunities for students will include (but not be limited to) those shown below.

  • Anti-Bullying Team Ambassadors;
  • Year Group House Representatives on Year Group School Councils;
  • Year Group Representatives on the Whole School Council;
  • Year 11: Prefects and House Ambassadors;
  • Year 11: Head Boy and Head Girl;
  • Year 11: Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl.
  • Event/Competition Based Leadership e.g. running fundraising campaigns/events, organising sporting competitions etc.

Staff Team Support and Responsibilities: The Head of Character (Ms Jandu) and Head of House System (Mr Cook) will jointly facilitate the overall approach to Student Leadership and will run the Whole School Council with support from AALs/ALs. Year Group School Councils will be led by the respective AAL and AL for that year group and tutors will play a key role in the selection of Student Leaders.

Year 11 Leadership, including Prefects, House Ambassadors, Head Boy and Head Girl: Will be supported by the Year 11 AL/AALs (Mrs Stevenson and Mr Needham) and the Head of House System (Mr Cook).

Year Group Student Councils: Provide the opportunity for students from every year group to take on a leadership role and help to continue to improve the school experience for all students. At the start of the term, students can apply to be their tutor group representative on their Year Group Student Council. Tutors will make decisions as to who is selected based on a short application process. Two students (ideally one boy and one girl), will be selected from each tutor group and will then be in their role until the end of the academic year.

Whole School Student Council: This Council is made up of representatives from each of the different Year Group Student Councils. With the exception of Year 11, where representatives have already been decided, students in a given year group will have the opportunity to vote for the person that they think would best represent them on the Whole School Student Council at a Year Group Assembly.

This approach to the House System and Student Leadership system is new for 2021-22. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions, please email [email protected]