Head Girl Welcome Message

A message from our Head Girl

Welcome to Da Vinci Academy – my name is Cerys Jones and I am the Head Girl here at Da Vinci Academy.

Picture the scene: I started at Da Vinci almost 5 years ago and I can still remember the feelings of nerves and excitement that I had as I walked through the atrium.

Back in 2014 when I and my parents started to think about which high school I would go to, I was determined that I would go to a place that would allow me to fulfil my dream of becoming a teacher. Thanks to all the amazing opportunities that I and the rest of the students at Da Vinci have, I am confident that my time at Da Vinci has enabled me to have the best chance of succeeding in my ambition.

Da Vinci Academy has improved dramatically whilst we have been here. The first big improvement started with the change of our Headteacher to who we now have. Mrs Roberts has big expectations for us as young people and so far, has driven us closer to our aspirations. Her main goal is to make us the best school in the country and we know we are heading in the right direction.

We chose Da Vinci because the small community made us all feel closer and allowed us to grow together. The friendly environment makes each lesson fun and enjoyable even if the subject isn’t our favourite. The wide variety of choices we have makes our school unique, as it allows us all to think about what we want for the future and helps us take the next step.

The staff at our school are easy to talk to and very supportive of our different requirements. They all take their time to understand each student which means they can help us with our struggles in learning. They also join in with events such as sports day and even DofE!

From all of us here in the Prefect Team, we would like to thank you for finding out about our school. We are sure that you will now feel just as certain as we do that our school is a place where this generation can strive, believe, learn and achieve to the best of abilities.