SEND Curriculum

SEND Curriculum

At Da Vinci Academy we understand that all of our students are individuals meaning that they progress at different rates and learn in different ways. Teachers carefully consider the needs of each child in their class in order to ensure work is correctly differentiated and accessible by all students within the group.

Students that are experiencing specific difficulties accessing the curriculum may be given additional support through the use of Learning Support Assistants and internal interventions.

On some occasions it may be appropriate for the school to seek specialist expertise in order to meet the needs of a student around a specific difficulty. If a student requires intervention outside of the intervention offered to all students we will inform parents/careers of this as they may, or do have special educational needs. Help for students with SEND will usually be supported in the classroom, sometimes with support from other staff within school and on some occasions external professionals.

Further information can be found by visiting our SEN & Disability page.

Support & Provision at Da Vinci Academy

Student Specific Interventions

Some students may require specific interventions in order for their needs to be met and for progress to be made. The academy will consider on an individual basis the best intervention for its students.

Access Arrangements KS4

Access arrangements allow candidates with SEND or temporary injury to:

  • Access the assessment
  • Show what they know and can do without changing the demands of the assessment

The intention behind dispensation is to meet the specific needs of an individual student without impacting on the integrity of the assessment. In order to support students for dispensation, the school will be required to gather evidence from work produced during their time at the school, discuss their needs with the student and approach the student to obtain their reflections. Once information has been gathered a specialist assessor will conduct a series of assessments to ascertain if the student qualifies for access arrangements. If the decision is that access arrangements are appropriate the student may be awarded a reader, scribe or additional time.

Lunch Provision

Students with SEND will have a base at lunchtime where they will have access to their year group Learning Support Assistants. This safe space provides an environment in which they can relax and interact with their peers or complete homework should they choose to.


Some students who are identified as SEND will require 1:1 mentoring and support. Should the SENCO and other key staff consider this appropriate a mentor will be assigned.

Student Support Plans

All students who are identified to have SEND will have an individual Student Support Plan (SSP), which is updated and amended regularly by the year group Learning Support Assistant. The document provides key information for staff as well as advice, guidance and strategies as to how best to meet the needs of the student concerned.

Mrs Sophie McKenzie, SENCO