Chair Of Governors Welcome Message

A warm welcome from myself, Deb Haddon, as Chair of Governors of Da Vinci Academy.

This is now my third year as chair of governors and our priority as a governing body is to continue to be committed to being actively involved in the life of the academy to ensure pupils, parents, staff, and the wider community work in partnership to provide the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

To ensure that the academy’s vision is realised and that our pupils’ best interests are factored into every decision we make, the academy governing body supports the Trust by acting as a “critical friend,” holding the academy to account for pupil outcomes as well as the quality of educational provision provided. We will also help to define the strategic direction of the academy.

Da Vinci Academy has faced a variety of challenges in recent months; however, I have no doubt that the senior leadership team and staff with the continued support of the Trust will strive to set us back onto the path of an upward trajectory which we previously celebrated having achieved ‘Good’ in our Ofsted report of 2021.

Chair of Governors: Deborah Haddon

Email: [email protected]