Houses at Da Vinci Academy

The House System for 2021-22

Aim/Philosophy: The House System will operate to encourage a sense of unity and healthy competition across the whole school. It will also develop our students’ sense of belonging, encourage achievement and attendance and provide opportunities for students to build strong relationships within the school and community; encouraging each student to develop as a leader.  

Houses will enable older students to act as role models and set an example for younger students within their House. It will also add healthy competition to school life where all can take part and contribute to their House team.  Students accumulate points throughout the year during various House events and general day-day school life.  

The House system will underpin the view of achievement rather than behaviour and students will be expected to follow the core values of the school – Aspire, Learn, Believe and Achieve. Students will be rewarded for following the schools values, the 3Rs, Ready, Responsible and Respectful, which encourages students to take ownership of their own learning.  

Houses and Colours: Abbey (Blue), Breadsall (Green), Darley (Yellow), Hastings (Purple). The above names were chosen as they represent the previous sites of the school, meaning they are original and unique to Da Vinci Academy.

Approach: Every tutor group will be assigned a house. This is to develop a sense of belonging and a team ethos, and will make it easier to promote/celebrate house achievements. All students will receive a house badge in their colour, to wear on their blazer every day.

Awarding Points and Prizes: House points will be awarded for ‘A’ points received and participation/winning competitions/extra-curricular activities etc. House points will be recognised/promoted on the screens in Atrium and during tutor group administrative sessions. House prizes will be awarded at the end of each term, after which the points total will be reset to zero. However, there will also be an award for the whole year, adding up the totals received in each term.

Events: Throughout the year there will be a range of different House competitions with a big focus on the 3Rs: Ready, Responsible, and Respectful. Existing events will be incorporated into the House System and new events will be developed, including at least one competition run by each Department, led by the Curriculum Leader. Sports events over the course of the year, incorporating the Summer Sports Day, will also be a key part of the programme.  

House Charity: It is initially proposed that there will be one identified charity for the whole school. Nominations for this charity will be made by staff and students and the chosen charity will be selected by a vote at the first full Student Council meeting. Following the selection of a charity, the four houses will organise fundraising campaigns/events in a competitive spirit to see which House raises the most funds over the course of the academic year.