Work Experience

During Year 10 at Da Vinci you will have the opportunity to attend a 1 week work placement.

Why should you do work experience?

  • An opportunity to experience the world of work.
  • To develop communication skills
  • Work with a variety of different people
  • Gain new skills and self-confidence
  • Understand the connection between school and the work place

How do I find a placement?

  • Information will be given in the form of a letter to parents at the beginning of Year 10
  • Talk to parents and teachers
  • Contact local businesses by phone, letter or e-mail
  • Apply to more than one place as you may not be successful in your first application
  • Ensure that the business has employee liability insurance

Before your placement commences you will be issued with a log book to record your progress. During the week your employer will be contacted.