Attendance Information

Student absence from school

There is strong evidence to show the link between high attendance and high achievement and so, as part of our wish to support all students in achieving their potential, we expect that every student should aim for 100% attendance.

By law, there are 190 days in a school year which equates to 950 lessons at Da Vinci Academy. The potential affect of any absence is illustrated below:

Over a single year

If a student’s attendance is……they will miss this
many days…
…which is this many

Through their 5 years of secondary education

If a student’s attendance is……they will miss this
many days…
…which is this many

Absence through illness

Where a child is to be absent from school through illness we ask that parents/carers contact the school on 01332 831515 before 9am as this allows all details to be correct and up to date. This should be repeated on any subsequent days of absence through illness (and to ensure that your child is not believed to be missing), then a note from parent/carer explaining the period of absence should be handed to the Form Tutor on the day of return to school.

Medical/dental appointments

We ask that, wherever possible, medical/dental appointments be made outside of the normal school day. Where this is truly unavoidable the appointment card should be shown to the Attendance Officer no later than the previous school day. Any medical evidence provided to support illnesses/absences will prevent further escalation throughout our Attendance Policy.  

Leave of absence and holidays

Holidays in term time are not allowed, thus any absence due to holidays will be unauthorised. The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 and the accompanying guidance make it clear parents/carers do not have a legal right to take children out of school for holidays in term time.

In exceptional circumstances parents/carers may make a request for special consideration of leave of absence by writing directly to the Headteacher at the school but should not assume that permission will be granted. In each case, the school will reply in writing stating whether or not permission has been granted. Parents are advised to ensure that they have received written permission from the school before taking their children out of school.

All unauthorised absences

Where a student is absent from school without authorisation (including all of the above) the school will investigate further with the assistance of the Education Welfare Service and, where it is shown that unauthorised leave of absence or holiday has been taken, parents/carers may be subject to a penalty notice of £60 per parent/carer per child in the first instance.

Your support

Please support us as we aim to help your child achieve their potential by ensuring that there are no absences for minor illnesses and ailments or other reasons.

Thank you for your assistance.